Bass (Sea Bass) now graces the menus of the country top restaurants and is increasingly being cooked in the home for that special occasion.

But, as its popularity has risen so to have concerns about the sustainability of wild-caught bass and the environmental impact of farmed bass.

When you buy line caught Bass you can be assured that the fish has been caught using the sustainable traditional fishing method of hook and line. This method has minimal environmental impact and as all fish are caught live it ensures the fish are in top condition before being stored in ice.

Small fish are rarely caught, but if caught they are returned alive immediately. Line fishing also has no unwanted by-catch.

So if top quality sustainably caught fish is what you're after then line caught is the best option  insist on it from your fish supplier.


We take great care to ensure that the fish we catch reaches you in peak condition. As soon as the fish are brought onto the boat, we store the fish in a slush-ice mix to bring the core temperature of the fish to 0◦C as soon as possible.

The fish are then kept in ice in insulated tubs and are re-iced at the fish market. This strict temperature control can greatly extend shelf-life by limiting the growth of bacteria which result in spoilage and deterioration of quality.

Vessel hygiene is also very important so the boats are cleaned thoroughly in accordance with industry food hygiene best practice guidelines.